Our strong points

  • Building

    cutting-edge web- and mobile- applications

    With hands-on experience from start-ups which went through fundraising and acceleration programs and are still growing their customer base, we know how to build beautiful, modern, responsive web and mobile applications.


    involvement and experience in IoT and data analytics technologies

    We developed multiple applications for customers from all around the world: from helping cherry growers in Canada to improve their production with IoT, to improving logistics in Great Britain, to evolving winegrowing with the largest wineries in Slovenia.

  • Strong

    know-how of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    We provide and evolve a cutting-edge GIS software for some of our customers for more than 8 years already, and build some exciting GIS-based products for start-ups with global ambitions.


    about business development, fund raising, and marketing

    Besides bespoke development, we run multiple own projects with customers and resales partners globally, such as eVineyard. We know that it takes more than just a product to get your project to fly, and are happy to share our know-how with our customers.

  • Let's

Customers about us

Some of our projects


World's most advanced complete vineyard management solution.


The IoT application framework running apps on multiple continents.


Time management and tracking software in the cloud.

Sliva (Slovene)

Web and Smartphone app for adventure sports fans.

ElGIS (Slovene)

A leading-edge GIS solution for telco operators.

SeaHub - Never Alone at Sea

The global community of skippers for mutual assistance and socializing.

Our specialities

Mobile applications development

Java and Android, iPhone and multi-platform technologies like Cordova.

IoT/embedded development

Experience with standard IoT protocols and technologies, C, C++, Java.

Modern web-apps development

PHP, CodeIgniter and Java, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery.

Enterprise desktop software development

Using different technologies, including .NET, C# and Java.

Multiple application development platforms

Such as SAP Hana/Cloud, FIWARE, Google and Amazon ecosystem.

Agile development methodologies

We use SCRUM and test-driven programming to deliver quality on time.

That's us

We are a young but experienced team of developers and project managers based in Slovenia. Our main goal is to have a good time building products that excel while being used by thousands of users. We have been a part of European and private Startup Accelerators, and we know the beat of some of the global Startup hot-spots like Silicon Valley from our first-hand experience. We have successfully launched and are still growing our own digital products to the market. Tell us what you need, let's build something amazing together.

Development price

50% cheaper than Silicon Valley

Average age

30 years, experienced but young

Size of our team

9 people for agile execution

Inquire here

Let us know what you need and when you need it, and we'll come back to you in 1 working day.